Our Best seller for Year 2021 - Tara Sandalwood & Jasmine

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Hand Wash & Lotion Set - Give your hands the treatment they deserve.

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No need to run out...simply refill them.

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tara chamomile hand wash & lotion set

Chamomile Hand Wash & Lotion

Your hands look after you, now it's time to treat and pamper them. Scented Hand wash & lotion set... not only does it moisturises your hands, but leaves them smelling amazing all day.

Hand Wash & Lotion

Tara Reed Diffuser

Offering a long-lasting fragrance that transform the ambiance of your home, this reed diffuser will gradually and effortlessly add a serene and uplifting scents to your space for up to 12 weeks.

Luxury reed diffusers

William Black & Gold Wall Clock

Introducing one of our wall clock collections, William black and gold stunning beauty. Wall clocks are not just for telling time, it must match your home interiors and adds glamour to your walls.

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Scented Aromatherapy Candles

Mood lifter....Scent to make you feel good

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A must have for every home - This is the best tool to clean my radiators. Couldn't believe the amount of dust/dirt hiding in my radiators.

@Julie Bamgbose

Beautiful smells, the coconut one is lovely and makes the hall smell like holidays! The cinnamon one in my living room is like Christmas and the citrus one I am reliably informed with be nice in my loo! Thanks for the prompt delivery and the quick exchange, was lovely to meet you!


Ease to Use....Absolutely perfect for my radiators that have a top cover. Didn’t think I would ever find a cleaning brush for them. Thank you.


Great buy - Love this brush, it is just the right size to get down in between the radiators to get at the dust, would recommend and buy again

@Margaret Finnegan

Amazing brush - Brilliant for finned radiators. Soft bristles. Flexible for other hard to reach places. Wooden handle is lovely to hold. Wish I'd had one ten years ago!


Great product...sweeps away those cobwebs inside and out perfectly! Well made, sturdy, does the job!

@ CarolS