Have you ever wondered what reed diffusers are?

what are reed diffusers?

Reed diffusers offer a long lasting, safe and continuous release of your favourite scents. While candles can only be used intermittently with shorter term effects, sprays may have negative health implications when released directly in the air, but not so for this alternative!

A reed diffuser is a great way to create an amazing scent around your home. A reed diffuser is great specifically because it infuses any space with gorgeous smells without using candles or sprays. No one wants guests walking into their home to be greeted by an unpleasant smell; rather we all love coming back home after a stressful day to our own cosy and welcoming spaces that feel like havens--and that's exactly how we want others to experience them as well!

Reed diffusers are a popular form of aromatherapy that emit scented essential oils into the air. They're commonly used in homes, workplaces and public spaces to promote wellness for all kinds of people including those with allergies or sensitive noses.

This article will go over the history of reed diffusers, how they work, their benefits and who uses them. It will also give some tips on how to use a reeds for maximum effect.

How do Reed Diffusers work?

Reed diffusers work by way of capillary action where oil is drawn up through reeds which you can find inside glass vessels that hold water along with several drops if scented fragrance oil (or carrier). As the scent rises from these activated waters it spreads throughout your space so everyone who enters will have access to fresh fragrances without being overwhelmed by their potency unlike candles whose flames cause them become more concentrated over time before eventually extinguishing. Their benefits include promoting relaxation & concentration while discouraging negative mood

A simple, effective and natural method works by infusing essential oils into the air through inserted sticks called reeds which are soaked in oil at first.

Reed diffusers are ideal because you can use less fragrance than other methods. This allows it to last longer without being too powerful which is great if you're looking for aromatherapy benefits. The process makes reed diffusers extract oil from herbs through reeds by releasing small amounts of liquid at regular intervals over time into an enclosed space or container with porous surfaces that will then evaporate slowly into the air creating a very subtle diffusion effect throughout your environment.

The reed diffuser is a safe and natural product for use around pets and children.


History of Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers have been used for centuries to make rooms smell nice. They were first documented in Ancient Egypt, where inscriptions regarding perfumes mention reeds being put into oil lamps with essential oils inside them. It is believed that knowledge about reed diffusing goes even further back than this though!

They have been popular in Asia, Egypt, Greece and Rome for centuries.             

In ancient Egypt, reed diffusers were used as early as 2000 BC. Ancient Egyptians would soak the sticks in perfumed oils or other aromatic liquids that released their scent slowly over time.

In Rome, records also show people using them to make temples smell good!

In ancient Greece, the Greeks used reeds to scent their homes and temples, but the diffuser most commonly associated with Greece is the Kyphi which was a combination of wine, cinnamon bark, myrrh resin, honey and cloves. This is said to have been invented by Pythagoras who took it back to his country after studying abroad in Egypt. Reed diffusers were also used by the Greeks for various ailments including headaches and sore throats. The essential oil would be placed on top of a space between two bent pieces of wood which allowed air flow through them while they hung over an open flame or sunlight heating up rocks below that heated water inside jars making steam rise into room filled with these reed diffuser sticks (Reed Diffusion).

Among the many interesting facts about the history of reed diffusers is one that they were invented in ancient Japan in the 16th century Muromachi-era Japan where wooden sticks were inserted into a pot containing sandalwood and other spices. After being lit on fire, the fragrance would spread through the home via an opening at the top of the vessel. The ancient people of Japan would use aromatic oils to purify their homes, temples, and shrines by releasing natural scents throughout the space. Reed diffusers are also used in Shinto ceremonies where they are lit to help create a sense of calmness and reverence for nature spirits (kami).

The history of reed diffusers in Asia is an interesting one. Reed diffusers are often used to keep the air clean and fragrant, but this was not always their purpose. The first recorded use of a reed diffuser was by Emperor Nero (37-68 AD) who would burn them to mask his foul smelling breath. As time went on, they became more popular as people realised that they were good for more than just masking bad smells; they could also be used to make rooms smell nice or even help with respiratory problems like allergies! In ancient China, reed diffusers were also used as a form of incense. In the Buddhist tradition, they are lit to offer fragrance and create a peaceful environment for prayer or meditation. Taoists burn them in honour of their deities and ancestors. 

The first modern reed diffusers were created by French company Rougier Frères in 1918 and used lavender oil as their fragrance agent.

Importance / Benefits of Reed Diffuser

Releasing scents can help increase happiness levels in both humans and animals, which makes them great additions  to any household!

Reed diffusers allow you to enjoy scents from the essential oil such as lavender which boost the immune system, also good for relaxation; tea tree as an antiseptic; eucalyptus for relieving stuffy nose or cold; sandalwood for healing emotional trauma; cypress for sliming; grapefruit helps to energise ... the list is endless without worrying about open flames burning down your house. Unlike candles they don't have any wicks so there's no need for flame which makes them child safe too! You can place this beautiful glass ornament anywhere including on coffee tables, living room shelves because unlike candles it doesn’t leave wax spots behind when extinguished.

Tips for using Reed Diffusers Properly

Have you ever wondered why your reed diffuser isn't giving off as much fragrance as when you first opened it? While a reed diffuser is a simple mechanism and very low maintenance, it still require a little bit of work from you from time to time. All you have to do once a week or so, is just to flip the reeds upside down, dip the dry end into the oil and spread it and that should do the trick. You might also from time to time, give the bottle a gentle shake, this also helps to blend the ingredients together, thereby strengthening the scent.

If you purchase a very big bottle, say 250ml t0 500ml and you used all the reeds, overtime the reeds might become completely saturated or clogged with dust and you still have oil in the bottle, you might consider replacing the reeds with new ones.

Placing a reed diffuser where there is a bit of fresh air will help the fragrance spread and be more effective. To achieve very strong scent from your reed diffusers and in a large room, using 8 to 10 reeds is recommended, while 4 to 5 reeds is recommended if the room space is small and you do not want the fragrance too strong.

A reed diffuser is a great way to freshen your home and create a serene ambiance. If you're looking for the best scents, we have an extensive list of fragrances that might suit your taste or mood! Which type of fragrance do you like?