Our Story

House of Tara is online store. We have 2 main brands, Nuit and Tara. Our Tara brand features our home fragrances and candles, skin cares and home accessories. While our Nuit brand features all our cleaning accessory products.

House of Tara London is based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, the Southeast of England, United Kingdom. We also have an office in Lagos, Nigeria and looking at the prospect of expanding to more Africa countries.

Our Founder

Abbie is an entrepreneur, she is the founder of House of Tara London. She is a lover of good scents, loves baking, interior design, cleaning, home arrangements, creative writing, travelling, hosting friends and spending time with her family.

She has always been intrigued about business activities right from an early age. She holds her first degree in Insurance and later went for her second degree in Business Management.

She is a wife to Ade and a mother to two handsome boys (Josh and Will) and a beautiful girl, Debra. The name House of Tara, actually comes from Debra’s middle name, Tara (Taramiyioluwa – which means Glorify God’s name through me).

She runs a cleaning company for over 12 years. The idea for House of Tara London came about in December 2018, while on a trip to America on holiday. Inspired by designs and settings from clients’ homes, Abbie started manufacturing some of her own products gradually, and finally House of Tara London was birthed in December 2019!

Our Promise

Quality and good customer experience is our watch word. We will strive and aim on how best to serve our clients by always making sure our products are not only of good quality, but beautiful and innovative.

With the realisation of how important the sense of smell is and how it influences our everyday life through our emotions and memory. How certain smell can give us courage and hope while some triggers danger or repels, it is no surprise that at House of Tara, one of our primary aim is use the power of the sense of smell to create lovely memories and also improve our clients’ mood, thereby leading to productivity.

At House of Tara London, we always have you in mind, and at every step of the way, you've helped us make the most luxurious home fragrances and home accessories. So no matter the occasion, we've got you covered. 

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